Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Planting the Pond Plants – Part 11

Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Planting the Pond Plants - Part 11

Planting you pond plants right in your bog filter is key for effective filtering. Learn how to from a professional pond builder. We will give you tips on pla...

Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Planting the Pond Plants - Part 11

24 Responses to Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Planting the Pond Plants – Part 11

  1. Lino Abraham Angeles

    Still waiting the 12 part!!

  2. markpaccap

    Where is part 12?

  3. ecz28

    Part 12 is coming soon I’ve heard.

  4. PalJoey1957

    To echo other folks: I really learned from the series, but we never enjoyed
    the finished product. Where is part 12? Did you lose the cooperation of the

  5. G8GTJav

    Part 12?

  6. Rob E

    Cant wait for part 12 aswell!! :D

  7. Zach Østerbro

    yeah when is part 12 arriving?

  8. Arteolike

    Where is part 12?

  9. Lucy Elmore

    This filter is similar to a sand and gravel filter, is there any
    maintenance like the air blow out required like the sand and gravel? Or
    will the plants use all the waste and make more plants, just requiring just
    thinning out the plants?

  10. Michelle Hillaert

    Hi Eric, I just wanted to say that your videos ROCK. Thanks for all the
    instructions. Can’t wait to get my pond finished!!!

  11. chax2004

    Hi Eric. Love your videos! Its really cool how you answer everyone’s
    questions. I just bought a house and plan on installing a pond next spring
    or summer. I can’t wait to apply what I learned from watching your videos.
    Thanks for the awesome videos, cant wait for more.

  12. Terje Normann

    Thank you Eric. What temperature they have to grow well? Is 15-22*C ok for
    them? How far down the temperature before I have to remove them inside?

  13. ThePondDigger

    Glad you are enjoying it!

  14. ThePondDigger

    FOR SURE!!

  15. ThePondDigger

    Soper79 nailed it on the head. You would need to drain the feature each
    year or have a green house over the patio pond each winter.

  16. ThePondDigger

    No Terje the water lilies with large pads are all tropical. You can grow
    them each summer and remove them each year before the cold temps hit you.
    They tropical lily bulb can be stored in moss in your house over the winter!

  17. ThePondDigger

    Range 30 degrees in the winter, 110 in the summer.

  18. Soper79

    Technically yes. The obstacles you’d face that Eric isn’t here is that
    you’d have to decide what you’re going to do in the winter. Drain the pawn?
    Or try to heat it. I can tell you with no protection from the ground around
    it being elevated, it’ll be hard not to have that thing freeze solid like a
    rock. What would you do with fish if you put some in? Plus Eric used a lot
    of tropicals. You might be better off using hardy water plants.

  19. DXBabyTube

    Really like this series..

  20. JSourp

    Hello Eric, I live in Phoenix, AZ. I have a 700 gallon Koi and Red Eared
    Slider pond. Your videos have inspired me to add an active bog filter to
    replace my existing filtration (which I am not satisfied with). I have a
    1/8hp external pump, planning to use the same laguna pre-fab pond for the
    bog, with 2″ PVC throughout, do you think the plants will provide adequate
    filtration with my turtles? Thank you!

  21. Terje Normann

    Hi Eric… That type of water lilys, What level of temperatures does they
    take? In my pond I get like 22-23*C at moust in summer, and 5*C by the
    winter. Should it be possible to make those lillys to grow with my
    temperatures? If not….Do you know other lillys with big leafes like this,
    that survive in the temperatures I have?

  22. Thomas Bohlen

    would this work on a patio in Michigan?

  23. Maria das Santos

    What are your temp erature ranges where you did the install?

  24. ThePondDigger

    Patio Pond with Bog Filter | Planting the Pond Plants – Part 11
    is up.


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