Patio pond with frog?

patio pond

Patio pond with frog?

I built a very small (60 gal est) rubber lined pond in my patio with a waterfall. A Frog moved in. The kids have been feeding it for about 4 months now.

My concern is that if we keep feeding it, are we preventing it from hibernating?

We are purchasing a heater for the pond because we do know it will freeze solid over the winter...What temperature should we set it at??...We know that this type of frog hibernates in the water.

We installed a pond net whixh is suspsended about 1 foot above the waterline. However, the water looks pretty dank because of all of the rain washing through the leaves. Normally, I would do a water change. The concern is that the water from the hose is much warmer than the pond. Will this rapid temperature change hurt the frog?...We do use the water conditioning solution that is used in Aquariums.
Are any of you reading the question? The pond is shallow, it will freeze. The water is dechlorinated - I am not shocking it, or using tap water ECT. I cannot move the frog, he is too fast. I realize that a frog is not a reptile, but there is no Amphibian page...
Oh, and to the guy who is saying that the pump needs to be dry.....The pump needs to be constantly wet because the rubber bearings will dry out,,,you need to store it in a bucket of water when not in use...

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Answer by ???- BoA Kwon
frog is not a replite!!!

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9 Responses to Patio pond with frog?

  1. James L

    I think the frog can take care of himself.

    Either the water is outside water or inside water, if youre not swimming in it dont shock it.

  2. Jody D

    Best bet is to contact a local water pond store and pose this to their expert.

  3. Melanie M

    I would check out this site.

  4. lois d

    frog will go when it is time.

  5. Geraint H

    an outdoor pond does not really require a heater, as it gets colder fish and other things living in it just go deeper into the water, the frog will naturally find a place it is comfortable.

    To help with the freezeing over thing, get a fairy heavy, but floating rubber ball, this will stop a solid sheet of ice forming on top of the water, allowing you to lift out the main bulk of the ice every now and again.

    The dank water can be sorted by getting a small pond filter and filter drum, some pump filters also come with a fountain attachment, which also helps with the ice sheet and looks very pretty in summer

  6. amybell

    if you have fish never re fill the pond up with tap water as the clorine you get in the water is toxic to fish and animals so take out all the animals in your pond and leve it to stand for a couple of days

  7. Joel

    If you get freezing winters where you live I’d suggest taking the pond apart before the cold weather arrives and take the frog for a ride to the nearest natural pond. Or I suppose you could get him to live in an aquarium — I’d check whether the particular species of frog can survive this. If you have expensive plants you might winter them over. If you have a pump this definitely needs to come inside — a cold garage is okay — the pump just needs to be dry.

  8. Sharon W

    i would catch the frog and relocate it to a bigger pond where it can actually find a suitable place to hide for the winter. Feeding wild animals is never a good idea because it gives them a false sense of security about food sources. If you stop feeding it for some reason, it will probably starve.

  9. idontgivearattsass2004

    if u cant catch the frog then just give the frog a way to hop out so he can bury himself like some rocks or pice of wood for a ramp…he will know when its time to leave the pond

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