Pond liner installation video from QBS Butyl (UK)

Pond liner installation video from QBS Butyl (UK)

QBS Butyl (www.qbs-butyl.co.uk supply and fit box-welded pond liners across the UK. This video shows a time lapse of a selection of ponds installs.

Pond liner installation video from QBS Butyl (UK)

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23 Responses to Pond liner installation video from QBS Butyl (UK)

  1. 9385dee7

    what was the? blow torch used for exactly?

  2. Supernovarolla

    @doomie61 I love people who talk out of their arse on YT. They were built properly, you dumb? cunt.

  3. armanflint

    Looks good on the square shaped application, but looks like a lot of extra work on any other shape. Splitting the? liner on the top does not appeal to me.

  4. SteveoMcNello

    Dude how do you? get such a tight fit?

  5. truck501


  6. doomie61

    such? a cheap way to waterproof.. one tear and you fucked build a pond properly

  7. MultiFishcrazy

    do you that pond which was brick get some pond paint and put it on the brickand? job done

  8. SuperAaaaa123456

    @drychalice this is silicon u can purchase it by? just saying silicon sealant
    helps in water proofing

  9. SuperAaaaa123456

    which song is? this ?? plz do reply

  10. MrSaijujose

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    Please watch? our videos.
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  11. drychalice

    Is that a glue, that bonds the rubber liner together ?
    What is the name of the glue? ?

  12. Deanow195

    that aint a? pond thats a swimming pool lol !

  13. bigs31uk

    i am in the process of making a pond myself its? approximatly 13 ft length and 12 ft wide and 5ft deep…..this stuff will come in handy because of the rough edges ….i will be now sittin here going through all this proffesional stuff to do it properly lol

  14. rs200000000000

    should tank it first? mate gona be like a siv

  15. rayrc10

    whats the liner? stuff called

  16. jerbear54

    @phodacbiet you have to ask? everything? is dangerous to babies when someone isn’t watching them.

  17. pondguru

    Excellent installations, man. I now use a heat gun to stick the underlay? on my jobs – gives a cracking finish.

  18. yournamehere954

    How long will my pond last if I do? not use underlay?

  19. thechristianbugok

    pond? designer

  20. phodacbiet

    is this? safe for babies?

  21. curlytwerp

    Ha, “professional? pond experience”! what does that mean??

  22. mindshifthigher

    The underlay was nicely done, but? that’s usually the easy part. The liner is usually difficult because one has to fold it in many places to make it smooth against the sides. These liners looked like they were preformed, especially in the rectangular pond. No folding of the corners; it appeared as if all he had to do was square it up.

  23. ledzep250

    lmao 3:05…” ahh, how do i get out??”? ha

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