PONDGURU – Koi Pond near Otterburn (north Northumberland)

PONDGURU - Koi Pond near Otterburn (north Northumberland)

Natural stone koi pond with stainless steel letterbox weir. Filters are 2 x Filtoclear 15.000 and 25w UV. Pump is OASE Aquamax 12.000. Approximate external dimensions are 11' (3.3m) x 9' (2.7m) x 4' (1.2m) deep. Approx 2' (0.6m) below ground. www.pondguru.co.uk for company details.

PONDGURU - Koi Pond near Otterburn (north Northumberland)

25 Responses to PONDGURU – Koi Pond near Otterburn (north Northumberland)

  1. Nsx25

    idk but at the beginning of the video my eyes were hurtting..

  2. 12Achilleas

    very very nice pond its seem to be relaxing specially at the sammer that you could sit in your porch and enjoy the sound of the mini water fall

  3. pondguru

    No worries, man.
    I tend to make anything as if I was making it for myself.

  4. bennyrandles

    @pondguru It is a very good looking pond and looks very well made. Just very impressive!

  5. pondguru

    Not enough. The wall took ages.
    I think it was about £2.5K (may have been less) but I have real problems with memory. I just remember thinking when I was half way through the wall that it was way too cheap and no other landscapers I know would have bothered making a pond finished this way.
    I’ve done a few more like this since and each time, the wall takes an age but it makes a unique effect – bit like a trademark as people know its one of mine.

  6. bennyrandles

    How much did this pond cost?

  7. pondguru

    As the wall is a double skin wall, the letterbox sits in the cantre and the front is masked by thinner stone on the pond side. I really should have done a more detailed video with some explaination of this pond as there were a few different processes involved.
    The letterbox can (and often is) mounted straight onto the wall but looks very artificial done that way. It has inlets in the bottom and back. You just cap the one you don’t want to use.

  8. MrRcole100

    Great looking pond. Im currently building one that is exactly the same shape and want to install that waterfall. How do you build the waterfall into the pond? Any information would be helpful. Cant find info any where, thats how i found your vid by typing ubbink waterfall in you tube.

  9. pondguru

    If you search for Niagra 60 or 90 from a? company called Ubbink you will find them on the net.
    Thanks for watching.

  10. Mrsweettriniguy

    Great job! love your hard work ..i would like to know what is the name of the light in the waterfall,,please inbox me..thank u :)

  11. pondguru

    No worries, I’m doing a great koi pond at present so will upload the video showing how it was built soon. It will be a good video as I’m really pleased with the pond.
    Thanks for watching.

  12. hotmadras

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  13. pondguru

    Thanks for viewing and appreciating.

  14. itsbadlands

    Now that is art! true master piece!

  15. pondguru

    I’m in England. If you search for Niagra 60 or 90 from a company called Ubbink you will find them on the net.

  16. alienboy366

    @pondguru im sorry but what is a stainless steel letterbox wier? and what country are you in?

  17. pondguru

    It is a stainless steel letterbox wier from an online company – the name escapes me.
    Thanks for watching.

  18. alienboy366

    PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU MADE THE WATER SPILL!!!!!! thanks very nice pond keep it up

  19. pondguru

    Thanks for appreciating it, man.

  20. saverio1e

    Good job buddy!!!

  21. pondguru

    I ensure that the pond is 90% filled with water then mortar the capping stones over the overlapped liner. I cut the liner first so that you can’t see it on the outside edge of the wall and overlaps half way into the top of the wall. If there is a small cavity in the wall between the blocks and the stone, the liner is often tucked in there prior to cementing on the capping stones.
    Thanks for watching.

  22. massimino222

    Beautiful build, I’m envious! I have a question about the liner installation. How do you attach the capstones to the top of the wall with the liner under them? Can you mortar the capstones to the liner or is it just wedged underneath? I’m building a pond very similar to this one but am using brick. That’s the one bit I can’t figure from all the videos onlin

  23. pondguru

    The pipe runs up the corner of the pond on the inside, and goes under the capping, down the inside of the wall and under the lawn to the filters.

  24. thorspad

    hi, great pond etc.
    i am thinking of building a similar sized one, not sure to go for liner or concrete though. i did not see on vid how you sorted pipe work from inside the liner, can you please explain. many thanks.

  25. ilcJade121

    creepy music….lol. nice pond tho.

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