Ponds and Water Gardens For Kids

In 90 minutes, kids can build their own patio pond complete with a fountain, goldfish, tadpoles and even a frog! Aquatic Connections and kids have fun during these Nature Explore Classes. Help your kids re-connect with nature. Build a small pond together. Visit Aquatic Connections in Trevose, Pa-The area's largest water garden center. Go to www.aquaticconnections.com for upcoming seminars and events or to purchase pond supplies online.

Ponds and Water Gardens For Kids

25 Responses to Ponds and Water Gardens For Kids

  1. Volpierein

    the’re soooooooooo kawaii!! ((cute))

  2. ElliottTechShow

    1) The Pump is oversized for that tub and is blocked (why it is only a trickle).

    2) You need to let water sit for a week to two to remove the chlorine and get the PH right for the fish.

    3) Basic Aquatic knowledge would of been good!

  3. killerforlife100

    Randomhenrytv that is very true

  4. killerforlife100

    Those fish are going to die because that water was not treated. Or they did not remove the clorene

  5. Gregmills007

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  6. MultiFishcrazy

    i have to admit overstocked not ment for fish just frogs probally on for 1 fish

  7. MrCle2009

    its not good to carry fish with your hands you shoud get a net and that small fish could easily get eaten by that frog beliveme i have an albino frog that size and i puted it with that size goldfish and desapearded

  8. themrfishman95

    Did ya’ll treat the water that you put in it?

  9. CrAzYmOnStEr616

    is that a baby BullFrog ?

  10. dinosaurman1000

    @aquaticconnections its ok to pick up fish and tadpoles but u should have let the water sit for one day and did u put aquroman salt mybae u did all that stuff but didnt how ot in the video

  11. zaracki92

    @Mastaliteness1 funny

  12. Mastaliteness1

    i luv it but thats bad for the animals i mean ur touching the clean new water which can make it dirty and can kill the animals like the frog and stuff so dont do it anymore ur hurting the animals so cruel but i keep on watching ur vid i luv it!!!!

  13. Asianleful

    Did you cycle the pond water first?

  14. christopher123450

    shouldn’t touch goldfish can kill them

  15. RandomHenryTV

    why didnt you just put the fish in instead of being cruel and lifting them up and out of the water?, fish can die of stress you know

  16. nikkilee64

    lol the girl was so afraid of the fish… well the tadpole. i used to be like that until i dicovered what worms are like… lol

  17. goldlink89

    SHOULD OF got them use to the water befour u let them out in open of the pond and my have not let the kids touch the fish cuz of stress but good ur getting them involed

  18. aquaticconnections

    I checked in Aquascapes catalog from last year and they do not mention the number of gallons. I’m going to say it was around 10-15 gallons.

  19. aquaticconnections

    It’s called an Aquabowl by Aquascapes Inc. It was a patio pond they carried last year. Aquascapes Inc has discontinued it, but we have 2 left at our store, Aquatic Connections, and have marked them down to $99.99.

  20. emangoooz

    how many gallons is that?

  21. emangoooz

    what is that black pond thing called and how much is it.

  22. scottylad79

    thats very good getting kids involved. but with putting fish in u should not b touching them cause are hands are bad 4 ther scales.

  23. alliet420

    Poor frog and fish those kids are young but still.The are giants to the tiny frog and fish.The amphibians are probablly scared to death! next time just poor them in.Fish nor frog arent supposed to be handled.

  24. TheAquaSpecialist

    Still that is to small for those goldfish.
    One common godlfish needs a 30 Gallon tank/pond.

  25. aquaticconnections

    The fish were from a pond class I taught at a school. We did this project with the kids, but relocated some of the fish elsewhere within a few days. The kids decided which two fish they wanted to keep and 1 tadpole. Thanks for the comment.

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