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Lebanon, PA (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

In most of the country, December is indoor gardening season. The holidays approach and its time to think colorful decoration. Its also time to ponder what worked and didnt work in this years garden and plan ahead for spring planting. Here are some December thoughts from the Garden and Landscape Tips section of

????The yard can be a great source of evergreen cuttings, holly berries, dried pods and any other natural materials that make nice holiday decorations both inside and out.

????Its poinsettia season. When shopping for these colorful-leafed plants, look for those that are fully colored, show no signs of wilting and arent displayed in the store with sleeves on. (Those sleeves are for outdoor transportation only.) The store should protect your poinsettia with plastic or paper sleeves for the ride home, not display them that way in the store. At home, remove any foil liner from the pot, or if you like the foil, poke holes in the bottom to allow water to drain and prevent roots from rotting.

????Its time to consider holiday gifts for gardeners. If youre not sure what to get, you might flip through the Garden and Landscape Tips section of to remind yourself of seasonal garden tasks. This might inspire gift ideas.

????Those poinsettias are traditional, but theyre not the only choice for winter color. Consider kalanchoe, cyclamen, bromeliads, Diamond Frost euphorbia, Christmas cactus, orchids, or even blooming mini-cactus, and of course, forced bulb flowers.
????Pot up amaryllis, paperwhites or pre-chilled hyacinths so youll have winter blooms inside for the holidays and beyond.

????Assess how your garden beds fared this past year. Jot down notes on the plants you liked (and those you didnt). Consider what you might change or improve in the coming year. Make note of plants that need to be moved or divided. These notes will be a big help when it comes to seed- and plant-buying time. Spring garden catalogs will begin arriving soon, but why wait? Many of your favorite mail-order retailers have online catalogs that may already be stocked with spring offerings.
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