Protecting water feature power cord in garden?

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Protecting water feature power cord in garden?
I have installed a water feature in my garden and am using an electric pump. I need the cord to go into the house and do not have a plug they need to put into a normal electrical outlet.

I have seen people use thin white tubes to protect the cord but I wouldn't be able to get the plug through the pipe. I suspect that people using these pipes have their cords directly connected to the electricity grid (not going to a power normal outlet).

What should I do?

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Answer by winkie 692
You need an outdoor waterproof socket installed by an electrician.

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  1. pedro

    White tubes? Well, schedule 40 electrical conduit does come in sizes other than ‘too small’, so run your “outdoor rated extension cord” of 12 awg in a safe location where it will not be a trip hazard. Keep the motor’s plug and extension cord’s receptacle dry, above the ground; tie them to a post so water will not short the connection.
    Unplug the cord from the house outlet when not in use.

  2. The Natural

    If you want to be safe, run power from a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outdoor plug. You need to dig a trench for the wire at least 18″ to 24″ deep, depending on what type of wire and conduit you use for it to be up to code. The deeper the better.

    The link below says 12″. I might do 12″ with at least 2″ of cement over it. I always go at least 18″ for safety. It’s basically to protect someone if they were digging and didn’t know the wire was there.

    Call an Irrigation Tech, Landscape Construction Company, or a Pond Guy to do the work. Or a good friend who knows a little bit about electricity. You don’t need an Electrician to do the work, they often charge a lot more money to do this work because they have to dig.

    I have installed many ponds/fountains/rock spires and outdoor/indoor GFCI plugs and it is very easy if you know what you are doing.

    If you want to save money you could leave it above ground in some conduit, if you don’t mind the eye sore. And it could be a safety hazard. I had built a pond in my backyard and had a thick cord stretched to the pump across the yard for about year. It was either trench to run the power or remove the pond. I chose to remove the pond.

    Lol, for as much as I had to dig it wouldn’t of been worth it to me and I was tired of removing the cord when I had to mow my lawn. I chose to relocate my pond closer to the house so I didn’t have to dig as long of a trench. If I was getting paid for the work I would of trenched for days.

  3. meanolmaw

    just get some PVC pipe big enuff for the plug to fit thru, bury it in either a place where there’s no reason you’d dig there, like the middle of a path, or cover it with stepping stones, or lay it beside a border edging, etc…. just somewhere that it’s not usual for you to be digging to plant something…. mine runs along a concrete scalloped border edging… it’s been there now since ’94 and only once have I run into it with a shovel!!….

    but do make sure you have a GFCI outlet for the plug!… water in the garden is great, but electricity makes it a danger!!… safety first!!….

  4. kincaid1

    If you water feature is not close to the home, then hire an electrician who can do the job properly. You do not want cords running through the yard. The electrician will be able to wire and run the line so nothing is showing. It will cost a bit of money, but it will be a simple job for them and easier for you to take care of.

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