Q&A: Can I put a Pleco inside a Koi Pond with Koi?

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Can I put a Pleco inside a Koi Pond with Koi?
We're getting a Koi Pond soon, and I have a Pleco. It has no tank mates because my goldfish died. But I'm wondering if it would be ok to stick it in a Koi Pond. The pond isn't built yet and we're still planning it out.

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Answer by ColtsGal
no. plecos are tropical and require warmer temps than goldfish and koi.

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  1. trkbuilderman

    Depends on where you live . When I lived in Florida I had plecos in my outdoor pond and they did just fine. I moved to North Carolina ,I had the same size pond and they had all died by the end of November and they were just too darn big to bring inside . In a outdoor pond these fish get what I call eating size in no time .

  2. confused

    As long as you live down south and the weather stays warm in the winter , your Pleco will be fine.Your new Koi shouldn’t bother him any more than the gold fish did.Pleco are fairly solitary and do fine by them selves , and can get up to 15 inches in length. So if you have a big enough pond you might want to get more than one , just remember they like their space , so have enough hiding spots for everyone if you do get more than one.Good Luck!

    P.S. I have a13 inch Pleco in a 75g With 2 , 13in. Oscars

    OMG: The only reason Plecos will eat the slim off fish is if they are STARVING. You must feed them like any other fish!

    These so called”TOP CONTRIBUTERS” need to learn not every fish story is like theirs.Try “Aqualand Plus Pets”.com to learn the most about plecos…..please

  3. MrsCrabs

    No no no, please don’t do it. I’ll tell you why. There are 2 reasons. #1, pleco’s need warmer temps then the koi, and come winter, the plecos will need to be inside in the warm water. Second, plecos have been known to actually suck the slime coats off of the koi, which is bad for them and opens them up for secondary infection, and they could possibly kill them. I have 2 plecos, Godzilla and Godzookie, who are absolutely huge, and they live in a pond in the summer (in their own pond, only the 2 plecos, and a frog that made camp there), but we already brought them in because they need warmer water then the koi. The plecos would surely die over the winter if left in the cold water. I have another pond full of koi, but I’d never put the 2 together, no matter how peaceful your koi or pleco may seem.

    So, to answer your question, I personally do not think it’s a good idea to put the plecos in the pond with goldfish and/or koi at any time because of the potential health risks for the koi. If you are willing to take that chance though, go ahead, but if you do, I would wait until next summer when the water in the pond really warms up enough to make them comfy.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!! ;o)

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