Q&A: Fish pond?

fish pond

Fish pond?
I made a fish pond with my dad any way of puting a picture of it on here to show you all?

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Answer by dylansmum2
Of course there is! Do you have a digital camera? If you do, download the pictures to your computer, you can copy and paste it on....or if you don't have a digi, and have access to a scanner, you can load it on that way.

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  1. Ghost Shrimp Fan

    Just upload your picture to a website and then copy and paste the link in. I’d like to see it as I’m going to be digging a pond later this year (when it’s a little cooler outside in FL).

  2. ali n

    yes ,dylansmum2 & Ghost Shrimp Fan are true!
    first you must have a digital image from your pond ! so you can shot with a digital camera if you have ,else if you have a manual camera you can shot image and scan it with scanner(convert your image to a digital image with scanner)
    when you have a digital image on your computer ,you must upload it to a host !
    with a share website (such as http://www.rapidshare.com or http://www.megaupload.com or ….) you kan upload your digital image to this site ,so you get a URL(address) from this site that have contained your image ,when you write this URL in your question , we can see your image from your URL

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