Q&A: How do I repair my water / garden hose?

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How do I repair my water / garden hose?
We have a rather expensive 100 ft garden hose (I think we paid around $ 35 for it last fall). My husband left it on with a nozzle one day last fall and it formed a bubble near the end of the hose right before the metal connector. I just got home, looks like he left it on this morning and it burst at the bubble and sprayed water all day. I hate to buy another hose...is there something I can do to repair this one? It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. If there isn't a good way to repair it, is there something else that I can use it for out in the yard? FYI this is one of those hoses that has little "strings" throughout the plastic.

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  1. Mustbcrazy

    The replacement part you are looking for is a burred fitting with a clamp. All you do is cut the hose off before the bubble, put the clamp on the hose, push the burred fitting into the hose and tighten the clamp with a screwdriver. Make sure you put the clamp on before the burred fitting.

  2. im_joyjoy

    you can either use duct tape to help secure it or you can cut the hose past the bubble then re-splice the end onto the hose

  3. Jayma

    You can cut off the bubble and put on a new plastic or metal end. cne which you can buy at the hardware store. You will need to know the diameter of the hose. It would cost like 2-3 dollars for the new piece. It inserts into the hose and then it has a clamp type thing that you screw tight over it on the outside of the hose.

  4. mndcoffin

    $ 35.00 is not alot of money for a 100 ft garden hose,a good hose would not bubble and you will have more time into fixing it than it is worth, buy a new one.

  5. dgc1973ent

    you can unscrew the fitting nearest to bubble. then cut the hose in half and if not wasting a lot of hose just screw the fitting back on to end of hose. if cutting the hose will result in throwing a lot of hose away, then cut the hose either side of the bubble and buy a joiner fitting and screw on to both hoses you would have.

  6. awommack

    new hose

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