Q&A: How many of the red 8×16″ patio pavers do I need to cover an area that is 64 sq ft?

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How many of the red 8x16" patio pavers do I need to cover an area that is 64 sq ft?
The 2"x 8" x 16" red/gray patio pavers that cost on average $ .97 cents each: I have a small area to place my outdoor patio/chairs that measures exactly 8 feet by 8 feet (aka 64 sq ft). I called Home Depot and Lowes and neither person would help me calculate how many pavers I would need. I was disappointed being they work there where I'm a typical gal that doesn't know anything dealing with building/construction, etc. Hence, I'm hoping SOMEONE out there can give me a precise (or close) count of pavers needed.

Many thanks :)

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Answer by Tex
Your 8 x 16 paver is 128 sq inches, there are 9216 sq inches in 64 sq ft so therefore dividing 9216 by 128 gives you 72, I would order at least 80 to provide for cuts and broken ones.

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