Q&A: How to bring minnows indoors from an outdoor fountain?

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How to bring minnows indoors from an outdoor fountain?
Our local county mosquito control program gave away minnows for those with ponds or fountains. I brought 4 home and put them in our outside patio fountain (about 40-50 gallons). It has a small water pump. I put a pinch of goldfish food in for them every now and then and only added water from the garden hose when it needed it. Now it is winter, and the water is freezing, so no more water pump. I didn't think they were still alive. But when we drained the fountain, two wriggling minnows came out the hole. Now I have them in the house in a big plastic bowl and wonder what to do with them. I'm a sucker for any critters. I put some water from the outside garden hose in the bowl and put some big and small rocks that they can swim in and out of. Next spring, they'll go back into the fountain if they survive. What do they need now that I've brought them inside? HELP!
1 day later -- I bought a 3 gallon cylinder aquarium with air filter, LED air stone and a couple of aquarium fake plants. Looks great! I'll put the two minnows (Mickey and Minnie) in tomorrow. Life is good for minnows =)

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Answer by Lyssa
I love that you are a critter lover like me :) As for your minnows, I would get a 10 gallon aquarium with a small aquaclear filter, and keep them over the winter. then back into the pond in the spring. Its genius that your local government gives away minnows to help alleviate your mosquito problem.

If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Zombie gl1

    i hope you put chlorine remover in the water. if you just put tap water in the bowl and then add the fish with no chlorine remover it will make the fish sick or kill them.

    you will need at least a 10 gallon fish tank. With air going into it and a filter. never add fish to new water without adding chlorine remover unless the water sat for 24 hrs. you just fix the tank up like a home aquarium and thats all.

  2. Olekountry..

    Mosquito fish are very hardy fish and survive winter outside in water deep enough for then to go way down to the bottom where it never freezes. In the wild they can find warm water springs.. Keep the poop and excess food siphoned out with a straw. Also use water that has set up for 3 days to allow the chlorine to evaporate out of the changing water. A 1 gallon jar will do for new water. Water hoses have many chemicals in it and I am surprised the fish lived. Just feed everyday and add the water you siphoned out back to the bowl. Do that if you cant get a 5 gallon aquarium. Mosquito fish are found over most of the usa.

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