Q&A: Patio Pond frog?

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Patio Pond frog?

I live in Ohio and a northern green frog moved into my patio pond. In the fall I usually put a tarp over the whole structure to prevent a mess in the spring. The pond is about 2 feet deep. Should I move him, or let him try to hibernate in the water. My only concern is that this past spring, the water was jet black. Will the stale and stagnate water hurt him during hibernation?
The problem with moving him is that the pond is surrounded by unstable boulders with a waterfall in the middle. The areas not covered by the rubber liner were formerly covered by river bed pebbles and are 6 inches deep into the mud. Should I clear an area of rocks and the riverbed stones? There is a splash area that is usually very wet....But it is in an area of the pond he never goes...

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Answer by llittle mama
I would set him outside the pond and then cover it; He will find someplace to hibernate. I don*t think frogs hibernate in water anyway, I think they burrow into the ground.

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  1. rooikat

    Agree with Little Mama.

    Frogs do no hibernate in water – they will find a moist spot under something or in the ground depending on the type of frog. Take it out if you can … I am a sucker for all types of beasties so I’d drain the pond to save a life.

  2. Jae

    if it goes into hibernation it will do it out of water, it will dig a hole in the ground and bury itself.

  3. blondie

    HI, Iwould just leave frog there. I’m sure he will find a place safe before u cover pond. or go to Frog website. u will learn more about frogs.

  4. sophieb

    don’t worry so much…leave a small area where he could leave if he wanted to, and when it starts to get cold then cover the pond…if he stays then he stays.

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