Q&A: What is the point of my Pond filter?

pond filter

What is the point of my Pond filter?
I have 2 pumps in my pond. One pump is for creating the waterfall. The other pump pumps water up a pipe into a large black box and from this black box the water returns back into the pond (through a different pipe). Inside this box there is a long horizontal pipe stretching the length of the box near the ceiliing. When the pump runs it is this ceiling pipe that sprays water into the box. There is another pipe sticking out from the floor of the box about 4-5 inches up (but below the other pipe near the ceiling). On the floor of this box is some kind of spungy material (2 sheets of it). When i watch this "filter" box in action the water, as i mentioned already, comes in (from the pump) to the box via the ceiling pipe (this pipe has little holes in it so it sprays in the box like a sprinkler). And once the box fills with water and reaches the portruding pipe (at 5 inches from the floor) then it drains back into the pond.

Now tell me, what is the purpose of this.
I just dont see how this filter box is actually filtering out things since my pump has a small filter thingy attached underneath where it strains out the water before going in to the box thus preventing large chunks from getting into the filter box. And even when water enters this box nothing actually happens to it..

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Answer by littlebitomagic2000
most filter boxes have fiberglass webbing in them to catch particulates,,some also have carbon to help oxygenate the water,,,

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  1. stonecastfeather

    sounds like it is increasing the surface area of the pond so that you can keep larger fish or more fish in your pond

    the more you aerate the water in your pond the larger the surface area appears to be in theory that is but there is a limit I’m not sure of the figures but i do know it does work

  2. windancerhil

    Why not turn it off and see what happens? Worst case is you kill a few hundred dollars worth of fish (if you have any.) Then you will know for sure the purpose.

  3. Rick

    The “spongy material” that you are referring to is a bio-mass media. It is there to house “bacteria”. As the water flows through this media the “nutrients” in the water are absorbed/eaten by the “bacteria”. What does this mean . . . .

    The algae in your pond no longer have a food source and they will die because the bacteria have robbed them of that “food source”.

    Are you adding bacterai to you pond?? Either liquid or powder??
    it will help improve the colony in the media-btw only hose off those mats once a year, very early Spring.

    So add bacteria, and always add more plants

    Rick ~30 yrs in profession

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