Q&A: What to use to creat a mosiac outdoor patio table?

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What to use to creat a mosiac outdoor patio table?
Please suggest plaster/cement compound to create an outdoor mosiac table. Have a rot iron patio table would like to make into mosiac. Thanks.

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Answer by goldwing
IF for outside, purchase: Thin set mortar, enough tile board (cement, 1/2" thick) to cover twice...hopefully without seams. (comes 3'X5' pieces). Cut and shape one layer of tile board to table top, wire in place with heavy wire to wrought iron table. (You can use construction cement on the table where applicable before wiring to table...make sure you have hosed down the board to get rid of dust, then dry completely). Mix up some thin set and apply a 2nd layer of tile board. You are now ready to apply mosaic tile...cut, fit, set in thin set. The edges will be the hardest, if you do not use preformed counter edging. Once fully set (about 2-3 days,) grout, wipe, and you are finished. Do not try to lay anything over plywood of any kind for outdoors...it will not stand up over time. Remember, the "backer board" is not that durable to lifting by its edges, so take care. Use a glass cutter to score and break the ceramic tile to fit. Good luck. Goldwing

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  1. B Anne

    You could use the type of concrete mix that is used for stepping stones – 3 parts sand, 1 part portland cement and enough water to make it like muffin batter. If you put this on a wrought iron table top it will be a very heavy table! I have used this for mosaic stepping stones and it works well. The best looking results are obtained when you make the base from the concrete mix and when it is cured, then use outdoor grade adhesive to stick on the tiles, then use outdoor grade grout to fill in the spaces. Then seal the grout.

    Perhaps you could just use some plywood for the table top and glue/grout onto the plywood.

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