Question about watering garden?

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Question about watering garden?
Have a few annual and perennial herbs in the garden.

Have been using a hose with a nozzle to water them, but I can tell they didn't like that at all, as the spray was too much, and too much water got on the leaves.

Now using a misting system that distributes water evenly, and only mists the leaves, as the water drips into the roots.

The plants are doing much better.

But, usually watering twice a day because it's hot.

Someone said if I let them dry out for a day or two then they'll grow even better, because they roots will grow deeper, as they search for more water.

So should I maybe skip the daily watering routine, and see what happens? I'm hesitant because my plants like the mist and it shows! Especially during this heat wave, hot!

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Answer by Lady
wrong section but seniors have gardens yeh let em wilt a bit .... they dont like tap water anyhow much..... its true the roots search for water.... they bounce right back ...... dont let em go a week or anything long of course.....

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  1. Poppy

    This is not the wrong section as I am always gardening and I am interested in your question. It is very hot so I get up early in the mornings and water all my flowers which are all around the house. This gives them enough water to last through the heat wave every day. I never water at night because some flowers like roses will mildew and the leaves will fall off. If your misting system is working for you don’t change it. The ground is so dry that with a water hose the water can run right off and your flowers will suffer. I use a heavy mulch around my flowers to keep the ground fairly moist. Poppy

  2. Watchdog

    You’re in the right section, don’t worry.

    We’ve been really hot and dry here, haven’t had any rain in 2 weeks, and today was the first time in the last 4 days where it wasn’t at least 100 degrees.

    I soak everything early in the AM, right after sunrise, and haven’t yet lost anything except a couple of bushes that the deer ate in the back, and they are really hungry, the poor things need food.

    The front garden is made up of petunias, impatiens, monthly roses (3 bushes), hibiscus (2) and 6 geraniums. I lost 2 hydrangea to the deer in the backyard.

    We’re supposed to have a few thunderstorms overnight, I’ll see how things go in the AM when I go out to water everything.

  3. Jerry

    The chlorine in municipal water poisons plants. Have you noticed how much better the garden looks after a rain? There is no chlorine in rain water. Watering plants more often tends to increase the chlorine poisoning, so it helps a little to water around the roots and keep the chlorine off the leaves.

    We installed a chlorine filter on our kitchen sink water. Then I began taking that water in a sprinkler can and putting it on the garden plant leaves. The improvement was noticeable.

    The same is true for human water consumption. It helps to filter your municipal water with a carbon filter before drinking it. Chlorine is poison.

  4. adeline

    I’m not sure about herbs, but I do allow my flowers to go without watering for up to 3 days and allow the ground to dry out a bit. They do much better this way than if I water daily. The only time I water daily is if I have just planted them. Then I water daily for a week or so. This works well for me. I have well water so no chlorine or fluoride.

  5. RB

    I would not hold off on watering now since you have been doing it. Not watering early helps harden off the plants. You could have set the hose on the ground and let the ground just get the water, keeping it off of the leaves. That is how I will do it.

  6. Ann

    Here in Texas, we’re on water rationing now because the water is so scarce. I water every third day, using a mist for tomatoes and delicate flowers, and a heavier spray for my rose bushes, trees and other plants. We’re forbidden to use a sprinkler system, so I have to hand water. I planted my tomatoes in urban garden buckets (you can look it up online), and they’ve grown really well. Sad to say, the temperatures have cooked a lot of things (it’s 106 today). Of course, the best water of all is rainwater, but I doubt that we’ll have any soon.

  7. CLYDE55

    Water on leaves leads to scorching during sun exposure.
    Try using a sprinkle system in the evenings.

  8. Larry

    Watering should normally be done once per week when there is no rain.In very hot weather like we’ve been having twice a week is good.Water deeply, at least an inch of water(put a rain gauge in your garden) When you water too lightly the water doesn’t soak in but stays close to the top of the ground.The roots seek water so they stay close to the top too.Deep watering encourages the roots to go deeper.Early morning is the best time to water in hot weather but evenings are okay too if it fits your schedule better.

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