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How to build backyard pond waterfall?

How to build backyard pond waterfall?
I have a rather small pond about 4 by 6 feet. Please tell me how to build a really nice waterfall with instructions and things im going to need. Thanks so much for the   ... Read more

Identifying Problems in your backyard pond.

What's going on in your pond. Green water? Floating algae? Stinky water? etc... What do these issues mean and how to counteract them. How to use the correct algaecide, barley straw or water treatment to fix what you find. www.pondsupply.com  ... Read more

Q&A: How can I attract dragonflies to my backyard pond?

How can I attract dragonflies to my backyard pond?
My garden and pond are in the planning stages now. I'm hoping that the dragonflies would predate on the mosquitoes, of which there are TONS.

Mosquitoes aside, I'd just love to   ... Read more

Million Dollar Backyard Pond

Join Ed Beaulieu and Brian Helfrich of Aquascape Inc. as they tour a 2-year old water feature installed by Aquascape at a private residence in Crown Point, I...

Million Dollar Backyard Pond
  ... Read more

What kind of animals can you put in a backyard pond?

What kind of animals can you put in a backyard pond?
Me and my family want to build a pond in our backyard(REALLY BIG) and I was wondering what kind of animals can I put in it? I also want   ... Read more

May is Garden for Wildlife Month

Reston, VA (PRWEB) April 19, 2011

May has been designated Garden for Wildlife Month and its a great time to turn your yard into a sanctuary for wildlife. To celebrate National Wildlife Federations 75th anniversary this year, the organization will   ... Read more

How to make a backyard pond waterfall weir / spillway for less than $20

I made one of these after getting quoted more than 0 at a local pond store. You can easily build one of these yourself in about 30 minutes for less than . Note: I've used a spillway exactly like this   ... Read more

Get backyard pond Atlanta and backyard water feature Marietta

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It is obvious if you dream of having your backyard pond Atlanta, patio and garden the most beautiful place to sit and relax after a long hectic day.   ... Read more

Beautiful backyard pond

Join me in a brief walk around my brother and sister-in-law's beautiful backyard pond they built. Check out the wide variety of plants and shrubs. It's full of many Japanese Koi and even a few frogs have taken up residence!  ... Read more

The Water Gardener’s Bible: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building, Planting, Stocking, and Maintaining a Backyard Water Garden

Whether it is a small container of water on a deck or patio serving as home to a few plants and water creatures or a more elaborate mix of waterfalls, fountains, rockwork, and lighting, the water garden can be a
  ... Read more

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