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Why your backyard pond may need a pond pump

People often find that a pond in their backyard landscaping ideas gives them the kind of beautiful landscape they want to have often. They also find later on that a backyard pond requires a bit of attention when it comes   ... Read more

my garden pond bridge waterfall and decking

all made with stuff that people and my family were puting in the bin..the pumps and plants were from my old pond.i paid for the pond liner and filter 200 eur...

my garden pond bridge waterfall and decking
  ... Read more

how do I take care of fish in a backyard pond?

how do I take care of fish in a backyard pond?
My husband just built me a backyard pond with a fountain. Is it hard to keep fish in it? What do I have to do to take care of   ... Read more

Q&A: How to make my backyard pond clear?

How to make my backyard pond clear?
My backyard pond had been very green with algea. Do you have a tip of how to make it less green.
I was wondering any natural ways for my pond to not be   ... Read more

My Backyard pond

These is my pond, it has a Becket large submersible 535 gph pond pump, Tetra pond ultra violet clarifier light, tetra pond biological pond filter. I had ponds for years and I found that these is the easiest set-up possible.   ... Read more

How To Install a Backyard Pond – “A Step By Step Tutorial”

Mike Gannon, the Pond Hunter, of Full Service Aquatics presents a pondumentary tour of a backyard pond installation. Commentary on rockwork used, waterfall style, backyard landscape, and how to blend a new project with an existing landscape. Thanks for watching   ... Read more

Backyard Pond – Koi, Honey Bees, Aquatic Plants, Waterfalls

Take a tour around, over and under water of a backyard Koi pond. The pond is about 1600 gallons in size, was constructed in 2005, and is home to 9 adult Koi...

Backyard Pond - Koi, Honey Bees, Aquatic Plants,   ... Read more

fish in backyard pond

fish in backyard pond
A lovely little backyard pond with goldfish.
Image by Keithius

so i'm in my backyard and the people across the pond are staring at me through their windows.......... #creepass - by RachelBuckk (Rachel Buck)

A home   ... Read more

Walnut Creek Landscaping Expert Shares Tips on Using Natural Landscaping Solutions to Reduce Unwanted Noise

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

How can a homeowner mask the sound of noisy neighbors who love to entertain at night?

One solution is to use landscaping to reduce unwanted noise, advices San Francisco landscaping expert Jeff   ... Read more

backyard pond

backyard pond
The little man's grandmother put this large pond and stream, complete with waterfalls, in her backyard since our last visit.
Image by massdistraction

Who wants to go ice skating in my backyard?! The pond is frozen...let's go!   ... Read more

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