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Garden Bridges as Accents

If you've recognized the instant charm that garden bridges lend to any outdoor area, you may have begun to wonder what one would look like in your yard. Maybe the cost of installing a pond has held you back.   ... Read more

Gardens – Patios – Ponds

In 2004 I had major surgery. I remember when I got home one of the don’ts on my doctor’s list was gardening. So, I immediately got interested in gardening. What was it that they don’t want you to do?   ... Read more

Establishing Your Water Garden


Water gardening is a pleasant hobby especially if your water gardens is blooming with water lilies, hyacinths and lotus are beautifully and pleasingly in good sights. 

Combined with ferns and evergreens and filled with exotic fishes,   ... Read more

Patio chair

Patio chair

Image by Duane Storey

This kids table and stacking chair set is perfect for summer! Selected Kidkraft items on sale NOW. Find it here http://t.co/1vTY5tv1GG - by CymaxStores_ (Cymax)

Bought 2 new patio chairs and worked on my   ... Read more