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fish pond

ok so can this hot tub work as a pond? if i bury it or keep it off the ground will it work?http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/zip/676984019.html
this is not for kids i said POND wich means fish!

Best answer:

Answer by tajodappyjackpot  … Read more

A Pond Or Water Feature – A Garden Must Have

When I am designing a garden I always ask my clients about water, well at least whether they want any in their garden.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of water in the garden and,   … Read more

Easy Pond And Water Garden Construction

Today’s successful water garden usually is designed as an ecosystem that uses a balance between fish, plants and bacteria keeping the water clear. The type of pond I’m talking about is self-contained (not fed by a spring or stream)   … Read more

Some Pictures Of Some Backyard Ponds

This is a video of pictures of backyard ponds sent in by visitors of Backyard-Pond-Guide.com.

Some Pictures Of Some Backyard Ponds  … Read more

What containers are viable and look attractive enough for a small patio turtle pond?

I have a 15 year old turtle who’s shell length is 9″ about. My turtle and I live in SW Florida currently and will be staying in tropical
climates for the forseeable future. I want a new pond for her   … Read more

The Easy Koi Pond Construction Guide.

An Easy Step By Step Concise Guide To Creating Block And Liner Koi Ponds. This Guide Makes It Easy, You Can Print It Out And Have It By Your Side.
The Easy Koi Pond Construction Guide.  … Read more

Koi Pond: Liners Vs. Professional Construction

Why is there so much talk about pond liners? Which ones are UV protected, or stronger, or last longer? I am by no means an expert on liner technology, nor have I ever used them in my 26 years   … Read more

Considerations When Building A Backyard Pond

What style of pond?

If you have never had a pond before it pays to spend some time deciding what type of pond you want. Do you want an ornamental pond with a fountain? Or do you want a   … Read more

A Backyard Fish Pond

Water gardens and backyard ponds are for butterflies, frogs, birds, fish, you, and the whole family. These ponds may be small, may even be no larger than 3 to 4 feet in diameter. These may be built in patio  … Read more

Aquatic garden?

garden patio ponds
patio ponds” src=”http://www.patio-garden-ponds.com/wp-content/uploads/38c88_garden_patio_ponds_2317760416_1852eb94dd_m.jpg” width=”150″/

Aquatic garden?
I have a little rock pond (it’s empty) on the side of my back patio. I’m going to a nursery today to get plants, seeds, etc. I’m thinking about doing a little water garden.   … Read more

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