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Fantastic Fish Ponds.

Have The Fish Pond You Have Always Dreamed Of - Guaranteed!
Fantastic Fish Ponds.  ... Read more

Garden Facelift: Garden Bridges over Ponds

Adding a water feature to your garden can dramatically change the ambience and look of your back yard space. A small pond may just be what your backyard needs. A small pond can change a drab lawn into a   ... Read more

Gardens, ponds and patios??

who knows any good websites with pictures of gardens, ponds and patios?? My dad is a landscaper and he needs some ideas.. i guess.. But really cute and pretty ideas and pictures.. I need websites and picz..

Thanx!!  ... Read more

gardening tips and advice e.g for ponds flower beds patio and deckings?

my garden is very very large its like a farm maybe a bit bigger
me and my boyfriend moved there 2 months ago and want to start work on it  ... Read more

garden, ponds and patio picz??

my dad is a landscaper and he wants ideas (pictures) of ponds, patios and beautiful gardens. We dont want much words or how to's.. we want pictures.. my dad is a pro so yea..  ... Read more

Gardens – Patios – Ponds

In 2004 I had major surgery. I remember when I got home one of the don’ts on my doctor’s list was gardening. So, I immediately got interested in gardening. What was it that they don’t want you to do?   ... Read more

Can someone show me website that sells stuff to make ponds for turtles?

Can someone show me website that sells stuff to make ponds for turtles?
Some thing you can put in your patio easy to do.

Best answer:

Answer by prop4u
this looks pretty easy... and you can change it to fit   ... Read more

how deep should a standard koi pond be?

how deep should a standard koi pond be?
i want to make a koi pond but i dont know how deep to make it. What is a good depth for a koi pond to house about 8 koi, about 8   ... Read more

The Water Garden Lifestyle

Enjoy a virtual pond tour of ecosystem ponds built with the Aquascape system. Find a Certified Contractor today! www.aquascapeinc.com

The Water Garden Lifestyle

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King Koi Ponds

Koi Pond built by King Koi Ponds in 2008. All of our ponds are built to customer requirements.

King Koi Ponds

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