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How To Build A Water Garden Fountain Yourself

Garden fountains are accessories to water ponds - be they small or large. The sound of flowing water, be it rippling or cascading are so relaxing that they add up to the peacefulness and tranquility of outdoors.

There are   ... Read more

Water Gardens That Upset The Neighbours

Before going ahead with any plans on your water garden be sure to double check on all the safety measures. We all know the dangers that lurk where ponds and children are concerned but if all the standards of   ... Read more

Using Water In Your Garden

Either still or moving, water creates a romantic mystique in almost any garden. Complete with fountain or waterfall, a garden pool heightens the allure of any garden setting, adding shimmering reflections and flashes of light, glistening movements and sounds   ... Read more

How to Plan a Pond in Your Water Garden

When a stream intersects the garden, this requires more work. You should use general treatment in expanding the water area considerably. One of the ways in which you can do this is to create a lily pond in that   ... Read more

A Pond Or Water Feature – A Garden Must Have

When I am designing a garden I always ask my clients about water, well at least whether they want any in their garden.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of water in the garden and,   ... Read more

Easy Pond And Water Garden Construction

Today's successful water garden usually is designed as an ecosystem that uses a balance between fish, plants and bacteria keeping the water clear. The type of pond I'm talking about is self-contained (not fed by a spring or stream)   ... Read more

Outdoor Water Fountains ? a Multitude of Designs for Your Garden

Lots of people design their gardens and add all the plants, trees, shrubs and bushes and then that is that, however if you have not thought about adding a water feature to the garden then you will be missing   ... Read more

Water Features Create Drama in Your Garden

Do you think that your flower garden needs a little more drama? Consider adding a fountain water feature. Installing a water fountain is really not all that difficult, and the upkeep is minimal.

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