The Garden Pond

This is a small (90 gal.) pond in my flower garden. It was built for the turtle who outgrew her indoor tank. Rosebud the turtle is a Texas Red Eared Slider. She shares the space with four comet goldfish. No, the turtle dosen't try to eat the fish. I feed them a commercialy prepared food daily.

The Garden Pond

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  1. MrGodzilla70


  2. comandermalander456

    @wildstar1 try installing a wooden fence around your home, so stray cat’s or animal’s won’t try to harm it.

  3. 09398708823

    @ wildstar1 .. how do you clean ur pond ??

  4. dodongledo

    what the hell is that thing in the man’s pond

  5. AwesomeArsalan

    dont u need a heater for the turtle?

  6. bebepoeta

    They would only stink if you don’t properly clean their environment.

  7. dumaaaaaa

    then they should not haven stunk, i have an adult res, and 2 babies housed together with no agression.. btw open lid.. no odor, the filter media doesnt even stink..

  8. unclebrb

    no!! dumbaaaaaaas! i was a good caretaker!!

  9. dumaaaaaa

    chances are you didnt care for them appropriately

  10. unclebrb

    i had a couple sliders inside my house but stunk so bad i had to give them tp a pet shop. do they stink up an outdoor pond too?

  11. ReptilesRock2007

    sorry bout your turtle :/

  12. crazypetkeeper1999

    wheres the basking spot?

  13. wildstar1

    Yes, she’d bask out on the rocks all the time. Last spring however she climbed the fence and was never seen again.:( We’re pretty sure she made it to a nearby swamp and is still living there, happily everafter.:)
    Thanks for watching, merry Chriatmas!

  14. leedshero

    does she evr come out of her pond?

  15. wildstar1

    That’s great! I love my turtles and they make it through the winters just fine. They can take pretty cold weather as long as the pond dosen’t freeze completely. They will hibernate at the bottom until it gets warm enough to comemback out.
    Thanks for watching!

  16. pondguru

    I have some red ears and yellow belly terrapins in my pond. I live in the North of England and although winters are pretty cold the terrapins re-appear in the spring looking good as new. I wouldn’t mind living in a slightly warmer climate like yours – I only really see my terrapins and fish for about half of the year. Check out my pond on my channel.

  17. wildstar1

    Yes, turtles can climb very well. We have a turtle proof fence though.:)
    Thanks for watching!

  18. wildstar1

    lol We don’t. There’s a frnce around it but they can climb.
    I’ve never seen any in the yard though.
    Thanks for watching!

  19. GoogooTer

    how do u keep raccoons out of it :{

  20. piperiscute

    ur turtle can climb out the pond right?

  21. wildstar1

    Sorry for taking so long to answer, just getting to this one.:) Anyway, no mechanical filter, just natural, biological filtration through the plant roots in the waterfall. I do weekly water changes as well.
    Thanks for watching and for asking.:)

  22. wildstar1

    Heaters will work for some ponds. I don’t need them here though. We’re mostly a tropicsal climate.
    Thanks for watching!

  23. wildstar1

    Hello, my apologies for ts]aking so long to reply. We are along the northern Gulf of Mexico, north of Mobile, Al. The winters in the UK may be too cold for tropical fish, but koi and goldfish are coldwater fish and can survive as long as the pond doesn’t freeze completely through.
    Thanks for watching!

  24. wildstar1

    They will freeze here too, but good news! There are many species that can survive a harsh winter as long as it dosn’t freeze completely. But it might do so there in the UK. If you make it deep enough you could put in some koi and goldfish, they are coldwater fish and may do well in a deep pond.;)

  25. whizkid777

    If you have a water heater and can keep right temp

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