Tn Nursery Announces Wholesale Pricing To Homeowners

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Altamont Tn (PRWEB) November 07, 2012

Tn Nursery announces wholesale prices on our trees and plants to homeowners and featuring new products for all your landscaping needs. Besides offering quality trees and Garden Plants, we are offering homeowner's our affordable wholesale grower prices. Tn Nursery is also proud to announce we are now offering landscaping boulders and wood driftwood artwork for gardens, aquariums, rock gardens, ponds or near your favorite patio sets. Boulder's give the look and feel of the old western world and with Mother Nature grown boulders, gardeners never has to worry about them aging with weather.

Tn Nursery is state certified to ship plants, trees, perennials, ferns, wetland plants and woody ornamentals to all states and 13 foreign countries. Prices are guaranteed lowest in the industry and selections are up to date and large quantity. With grower direct pricing from a state certified nursery , those that wants to order plants affordable is now an option. There's also fast shipping on all orders placed with in 3-5 days and shipping is affordable. Tn Nursery was voted best of the web for an online nurseries, 12 years in a row.

Tn Nursery also has a very upscale clientele. From the Discovery Channel to The Washington Monument and The Arlington National Cemetery, plants and trees must be of exceptions quality to meet certain specifications. What makes Tn Nursery different from most is knowledge, background, and being a grower with affordable prices. There's a sense of comfort and security knowing your purchasing plants from a pioneer in the nursery industry.

As Of October 2012, homeowner's can order the same quality stock wholesale prices. Just shop and browse Tn Nursery website and order plants in smaller quantities at wholesale grower prices. Just like the large mail order companies does, for pennies on the dollar. never shop retail again. Go to the home of the competitive nursery tree prices.

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