Water Garden construction

Slideshow of building my water garden.Started out with a pond kit from "Sunterra" -first slide is what it was supposed to look like-but with a few changes, lots of rock and a couple more pumps,this is what we ended up with.

Water Garden construction

25 Responses to Water Garden construction

  1. MultiFishcrazy

    @safetydave good pond but the thing that you have put in taht is blue will kill the wildlife

  2. TiminPhoenix

    Very nice. So good to see someone taking their property and improving it. And it’s good knowing that your hard work is rewarded every time you can relax some and just enjoy your garden.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. smarty12421

    hello how much was that liner ?

  4. safetydave

    @bveracka Thank you very much !!! When you start your build if theres a question or anything you have just drop me a line and i’ll do my best to help you out, when I built my first one, I constantly had green water and for the last few years the water stays crystal clear, on both the outdoor one, and my indoor pond.

  5. bveracka

    What a beautiful design! It is great inspiration for me since I am going to build one this spring. I also love the music you chose; the Chinese Guzheng is one of my favorite musical instruments to play and to hear. Good job taking all those pictures while it was being built too, I always forget to take pictures of my projects. I really like the shape you chose as well, Thank you for sharing!

  6. safetydave

    @nastka725 Dzi?kuj? Pa?stwu jak uradowali

  7. nastka725

    Bardzo mi si? podoba – gratuluj?

  8. dolittle1992

    I like the way you did it better, the one in the first slide isn’t as nice as what you built, two thumbs up.

  9. Shannonfic

    I would like to knkow how deep and the size of the liners?

  10. safetydave

    @geoffdundee Thank you !

  11. safetydave

    @madmiask Thank you, hopefully soon with the warmer weather i’ll get it cleaned out and running again right now I think every toad in the area is using it as a breeding pool, toads everywhere !

  12. geoffdundee

    really nice :)

  13. madmiask

    Very nice video and very nice pond.


  14. safetydave

    Thank you , this last summer I added more tall grasses and perimeter plants looks a whole lot better, right now my koi are hanging out in my indoor pond i built last year ( yet to get video of it) but winter is hopefully on the way out and I am ready to get back out and fire up the outdoor pond. Thanks again

  15. redwolf754

    Absolutely beautiful pond .great job great video

  16. moniquinha1997

    Muito bom, maravilhoso, parabens e obrigado

  17. gumper5242

    Great video and Great Pond !

  18. jonlucas84

    Very good job.

  19. gigman7

    Do you have a video of this pond?

  20. ravenyikimy9911

    It’s a TON of rock… My only suggestion is to substitute so many small rocks for big ones that make a statement and then fill in between with more plants of varying heights and ground cover and moss.

  21. vnbong609

    What’s the music from?

  22. winghun

    By the way… the music is from civilation3, right? :D

    it reminds me of that impressive game. i loved it.

  23. winghun

    Wow, its amazing! Congrats.

  24. safetydave

    Thank you, this was the second one I built, the first was the Butterfly Gardens at my old house, if you havent seen it yet, check out the water garden update, is video I shot this summer with a bigger pump on the waterfall and more plants ect, sadly the pump didnt make it thru the summer and i’ll be looking for a replacement soon, also i’ll be posting some video soon of the indoor pond I just built.

  25. wwwSUNTERRAusacom

    Nice Pond! Glad to see it is SUNTERRA! Looks like you enjoyed the experience. Let us know if you need anything further!

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