Waterfalls: Visual Interest for Ponds

patio pond

Anyone, who enjoys water, will want a pond, stream or some type of ornamental water structure in his or her backyard. Water provides a soothing quality while offering a dynamic landscape element for your home and yard. And, seasonally, water sources are landscaping elements which require maintenance and improvements for the outdoor entertaining seasons. Homeowners frequently add flowers and plants, seating and other ornamental accessories for outdoor areas like patios, decks and ponds. A waterfall would be a wonderful addition; requiring less maintenance than a garden. The addition of a waterfall offers a decorative element to an existing pond as well as helping to aerate pond water. With a waterfall as the focal point of your outdoor landscaping your home and backyard will be transformed.

Adding a waterfall is not terribly difficult if you have the right equipment and a little bit of the DIY attitude. All you need is water, electricity and the EasyPro ECO-Series Waterfall Diffuser The diffuser creates a 23" waterfall, easily modified for the look you want to create. A larger waterfall can be fashioned by using as many as 3 of the units side by side. For a finished look, there is a copper chute which frames the water as it exits the diffuser. You can create a waterfall in an existing body of water or build a wall unit with the waterfall diffuser as the focal point.

In today's economy more people are staying at home; you can create a pleasant retreat in your own backyard with soothing additions. What about a meditative spot with gentle sounds of water trickling into a pond as the perfect spot for morning coffee. Imagine unwinding on you patio watching the sun sparkling on your pond with the graceful sight of small waterfall. Use your backyard landscape as a means to bring calm and beauty to your home; by incorporating a waterfall in your overall design you enhance relaxation and beautify at the same time.

When you get ready to install a waterfall diffuser in your pond, make sure to choose the best supplier, a pond supply company will have everything you need. From installation advice and technical expertise to understanding the best, compatible equipment for existing systems, your choice of suppliers is crucial. The Pond Warehouse is a small family owned business with expertise in water and pond products. They offer customer support through their website and on the phone and provide many practical solutions to commonly asked questions. Let The Pond Warehouse help you with your new backyard waterfall.


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