Watering garden with laundry water ok?

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Watering garden with laundry water ok?
I was wondering if it would be safe to eat fruit and vegetables from a garden that has been watered exclusively with laundry water?

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Answer by houseplant
the chemicals in the detergent might not be too good for your plants or for you to eat them..

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  1. michael b

    sure is, plus your yard will always smell country fresh

  2. twowords

    If you are using a Laundry Pure system, or equivalent, yes. Because using these you do NOT use detergents at all.


  3. getchoogetchoogetchoo

    My mom used laundry water for a little patch of yellow tomatos we had at our house when I was younger. I don’t think she used laundry water exclusively though.

    I’m not sure how safe it is but our tomatos were good and we haven’t suffered any ill effects yet.

  4. Scots Pines

    Oh, Ikkkkk!

    When I was in India, I was walking down a country road and purchased a large papaya from a woman sitting under a tree. Alas, it had been watered with the water from her laundry, I could very well taste the detergent and recognized it because I used it myself.

    Otherwise, if you mean rinse water only, not the wash water, no you should not do that either. We have difficulty with pollutants as it is, without doing it on purpose to yourself.

  5. Mathew W

    There are safe ways to filter greywater into a food garden, but you will need to use a laundry detergent designed for greywater systems, as well as a small artificial wetland garden to filter the water. I would think about using the shower or kitchen sink water first.

    Try searching “greywater” or “guerlllia greywater”

    This is illegal in most cities in the US, but sometimes the most responsible action isn’t legal.

  6. grannygrunt28391

    Old time gardners did this but made sure there was no bleach in it.
    That was in the day when it was actually soap that they used.

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