What is a Water Garden and how do I install it?

water garden

What is a Water Garden and how do I install it?
I get lots of run off in winter and most of my lawn is soggy.
What kind of plants do I need for a Water Garden?

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Answer by embe dodo
just che ck the www.bbc.co.uk/ and looking for garden and plants
then buy it through ur local households builder enquipment s

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  1. keepsondancing

    There are 2 types of water gardens: the pre-formed ones and free-form ones. The pre-formed ones only require a hole, but good luck tying to create a hole that fits the shape of your garden. The latter type comes in a kit; you choose the shape and depth and dig a hole to your liking, then line it with carpet underlayment and then with the plastic that comes with the kit. It also includes a fountain and the possibility to create a waterfall as well. For these features you need electricity within reach to power the pump for the fountain and/or waterfall. It’s a much prettier water garden but a more ambitious project.

    There are nurseries that sell water garden plants like lilies. Phone around to see where they are and what they have. May be a bit late in the season to have much of a selection.

  2. Amy S

    If its continuously wet in the area, not just after winter, look for bog plants such as cat tails

  3. Megan S

    A bog garden sounds like a good option for that area. Water gardens aren’t usually sited where there’s a lot of runoff- the chemicals and such in the runoff can hurt the water plants and especially fish.

    This site has a good list of bog plants (you may not need to line the bog area with plastic like they suggest)

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