What kind of fish could live in a backyard pond?

backyard pond

What kind of fish could live in a backyard pond?
I was thinking about making a pond in my backyard and I wasn't sure what type of fish could live in an outdoor pond. Anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by Allie N
Generally Koi.

You can purchase these in most large pet stores such as PETCO

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  1. Ashley
  2. Heather

    If the pond is sheltered from birds of prey, you can keep most coldwater fish like koi and goldfish. You should set the pond up, get it running and stable and test the temperature in the coolest parts of the day and night to get a good idea of what fish you can buy with that tolerance. Most goldfish and kois and some of the larger catfish can be kept outside in late spring and summer. You’ll have to make arrangements to bring them in for fall, winter and early spring if you don’t live in a place that stays fairly steady year round.

  3. Yeah. ?

    A koi fish . :D

  4. loupa_carpathian

    Koi, goldfish, mosquito fish, minnows (white clouds are gorgeouse!), and tad poles whom become frogs!

    Here’s a fantastic site for good and bad (poisonous) plants, fish and eggs for sale:


    Best of Luck!

  5. danielle Z

    Any native fish from your area, koi, goldfish, ide or orfe, trout, stickelbacks, minnows carp these are just afew to get you started

  6. ?Fish Man?

    some catfish
    koi (check your laws)
    Native fish (check your laws)
    gambusia (check your laws)
    White clouds (check your laws)

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