What’s the best way to repaint patio chairs?

patio chairs

What's the best way to repaint patio chairs?

I got some patio chairs that were on display at the store.
They are iron with black paint.
They have some serious scrapes on them, and the paint is scratched off in some spots.

I'm assuming spray painting these chairs would be the best means of painting.

Should I use a primer?
Any recommendations or tricks when choosing a type of paint?

It will be in rainy weather often.


Best answer:

Answer by job jar jack
spot prime with metal primer (spray or brush) then brush on a coat of good quality exterior Alkyd paint

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  1. bluesky9

    I had the same problem and was going to spray them with paint until someone suggested having them powdercoated. You’ll spend more money and will have to find someone who does it, but your furniture will last longer and hold up in harsh weather conditions. It’s extremely durable and worth the extra money.

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