When Does Lowes Put Their Garden Ponds on Sale?

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When Does Lowes Put Their Garden Ponds on Sale?
Does anyone know when and IF Lowes puts their garden ponds on sale? They alreay have their fountains at 50% off and I was wondering if they would put the garden pond stuff on sale too?

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Answer by T-pot
why don't you just ask a Lowe's garden center employee.

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3 Responses to When Does Lowes Put Their Garden Ponds on Sale?

  1. Pobept K

    yea, what T-Pot said. ask lowes this question.

  2. taximomuv3

    I don’t think they ever do! If they do, i never seem to get there at the right time! They’re not real great about clearancing out that kind of stuff – esp. if you’re in a warm area where ponding is done pretty much year round.

  3. jt

    They usually don’t.

    The reason: fountain styles change from year to year (I noticed they had some really ugly fountains this year) and Lowe’s only wants to sell the new styles. Pond sizes and shapes don’t change so dramatically from year to year, so they don’t try to clear them after the season is over.

    Some individual pond supply stores may have items on clearance right now (my favorite pond supply store in Oklahoma City is having a 50% off sale on much of their merchandise right now!).

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