Where can i get an electric patio heater?

patio heater

Where can i get an electric patio heater?
What re the benefits of an electric patio heater. How efficient are they and where can i get them at a reasonable price.

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Answer by Jordan
Ebay, it would be pickup only but VERY CHEAP

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  1. Kenneth


  2. Tony Carter

    Your best bet, in my opinion, would be to visit Amazon.com. They usually have half-decent prices and a large range to choose from.

  3. My Life on the Deck

    Hi Jennifer,

    Since you are interested in electric patio heaters, I would looking at a wall mounted infrared patio heater. You can mount it to an outside wall to keep it out of the way and direct the heat down. You can also get a pole mounted heater that is easier to setup than a wall mounted one and you can move it around your deck or patio.

    The advantages of an electric infrared heater is that they are easy to turn on and off, just a flick of a switch. Also, there is no propane bottles to fill up. Which can be expensive and put a damper on your party if the gas runs out in the middle of the evening.

    I would recommend you visit a good local outdoor gardening or hardware store that stocks outdoor heaters and review the features and models you like and then you can check the price online. Or you can also purchase from the local store, especially if you are okay with the price and you like having local service and installation help.

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