Why are the honey bees taking over my bird bath?

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Why are the honey bees taking over my bird bath?
I put a bird bath up, and the birds were loving it. But now every time I look out, there are up to 20 honeybees. Are they going to leave? Will they keep the birds from coming?
How can I get rid of them, but keep the birds?
Why are they there?

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Answer by rivasj27
Its spring time. Its natural. It won't last but about six weeks. It will be fine.

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6 Responses to Why are the honey bees taking over my bird bath?

  1. Bug D

    Funny thing is…bees have to drink too. Your bird bath is clean (I guess) and available, and they’re thirsty from making all of that honey.

    Be thankful. Honeybees are taking a hard hit lately, and populations are plumeting. Give ’em a break and let them drink without spraying or shooing…

    Bug Doc

  2. llazyiest

    Honeybees need a water source too. Since the honeybees have been suffering die offs due to mites, it’s a nice thing that there are still some around to pollinate your garden and others. I doubt their presence will keep the birds away.

  3. RScott

    During dry hot weather the bees need water to cool the hive. If you want them out of the bird bath, build a bee waterer. Place a tray of gravel on the ground out of the wind. Almost fill the tray to the top of the gravel. The gravel provides many more landing places for the bees. They should use the bird bath much less. RScott

  4. Carl

    Honey Bees will drink water from the closest water they can find from the hive. You must have a hive close by. Be kind to the bees because they are your friends too.

  5. shedahudda

    they are thirsty and at this time of the year there is not a lot of choice for water. As the season wears on they will find water elsewhere. Also they are just coming awake after the winter sleep (I hesitate to call it hibernation) and so need more hydration now.

    Let them drink and they will reward you later by helping with pollination

    Make sure to clean out the water bath as well on a weekly basis to prevent mosquito’s from using it.

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