Why Choose a Solar Powered Water Feature?

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Why Choose a Solar Powered Water Feature?
I'm looking to see the advantages of a solar powered water feature compared to a normal mains powered one.

What are the differences and are there any real benefits?

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Answer by Bruce A
The immediate benefit is that you don't have to run power to it, which can be costly.
With the solar-powered unit, you get a "nice water feature" that will last until the solar panel, the batteries or the pump wear out. The drawback is that most of them will break relatively quickly.
So, initial up-front investment, low maintenance costs and a relatively reliable system.
Or low cost, rely on it to break down more frequently.
Of course, there is also the energy saving aspect. If you use solar, the only cost is replacement of the unit, no utility bills.

One additional benefit of running power to the area, it's there in case you want it for any additional uses.

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  1. Charlie Burton

    Instead of an electricity supply, solar powered water features use photo-voltaic panels to generate low-voltage electricity from the sun’s rays. The power generated should be enough to power a pump for a waterfall or a self-contained feature.

    Solar-powered water features allow you to place a water feature anywhere in your garden or yard or even on your balcony, as long as the solar panels can be positioned to catch the sunlight.

    The solar panel can either be incorporated into the water feature itself or have a separate, remote panel which is connected by a wire and can be fastened to a wall or fence to allow for best positioning in the sunlight.

    A solar-powered fountain in a bird bath is a great way to attract birds to your garden and gives them clean drinking water and a place to splash about though you will need to add fresh water regularly.

    A useful safety feature to look out for is cut-off switch that will turn the pump off if all the water in the reservoir evaporates or escapes due to a leak.

    Solar-powered water features are generally quick and easy to install and provide an environmentally friendly way improve your outdoor living space.

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