Why must fish farmers run aerators all night long?

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Why must fish farmers run aerators all night long?
Why must fish farmers run large aerators all night long during the hot summer months, especially when there are a lot of algae in the pond? Aerators agitate (splash) the water increasing the surface area allowing more oxygen to diffuse into the water and more carbon dioxide to diffuse out. They generally don't have to do this in the winter or in the daytime, just summer nights. Part of the reason has to do with warm water holding less oxygen than cold water. ...has to do with the algae and photosynthesis.

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Answer by jedidiaha
simple reason is becouse while alge like all plants creats oxagin during the day, at night all plants actule revirse and consum oxygen. that and with the face that the ponds are largly over populated they need to get as much oxygen back in the water.

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